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Donald Tynes Sr.

Chairman of the Board of Directors at SECU, the largest state-chartered financial cooperative in Maryland, has won two awards for his contributions to business and community service. The African Methodist Episcopal Church — 2nd Episcopal District named Tynes the Bishop’s Man of the Year for Community Service. The Zeta Sigma Alumni Chapter of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc., honored Tynes with its Bigger and Better Business Award. Tynes also serves as Chairman of the Credit Union Foundation for the State of Maryland and the District of Columbia. He spent 33 years in Maryland State Government,  he was the Deputy Secretary of the State Department of Personnel, Assistant to the Chief Deputy Comptroller and Human Resources Director for the University of Maryland System. He has also served as Director of Personnel for Anne Arundel County Government. Tynes is on the staff of the Carl Murphy Fine Arts Center at Morgan State University and functions as Business Manager for the Morgan State University Choir.

Victor F. Russell

Founding & Organizing

Richardson Plano Guide Right Foundation


Kappa Alpha Psi Federal Credit Union


In my 1994 arrival into the Dallas / Ft Worth communities, I immediately noticed several social and economic opportunities that could help transform the African America outlook on these cities. The general condition of the business community throughout the Southwest was attempting to re-gain its status coming out of the United States Savings & Loan collapse. I called upon several creative ideas that I knew could develop through Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. As I relocated from Chicago and reflecting back of several Philanthropic missions that my Fraternity had taught me in my 21 years as a Member and Life Member, provided me with a pretty open mind how to engage and build on my Fraternity’s proven community events and social fundraising strategies.


As of the Spring of 1997 the hunt was on to create a viable entity through my Kappa Alumni Chapter, Richardson Plano Alumni of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. The first on my agenda was to create a 501(c)(3) Private Foundation specializing in the multiple areas as follow:

The Corporation is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, or scientific purposes, including, for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code, including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. To engage in charitable activities and extend financial aid through grants, gifts, contributions, or aid or assistance to qualified individuals.


  1. To acquire or receive from individuals, firms, associations, corporations, trusts, foundations, or any governmental subdivision unit or agency by deed, gifts, purchase, bequest, or otherwise cash securities, and other property, tangible or intangible, real or personal, and to hold for the purpose of which the Richardson / Plano Guide Right Foundation (Corporation) is organized.


  1. To acquire, construct, maintain, and operate rehabilitation projects or redevelopment projects in accordance with the provisions of the State where such activities may occur (i.e. Richardson, Plano, Addison, Carrollton, Garland, Mesquite, or Dallas).


  1. To encourage, promote, and participate in the education, rehabilitation and management of youths and related facilities and services for the benefit of residents of the Metroplex where such activities may occur (i.e. Richardson, Plano, Addison, Carrollton, Garland, Mesquite, or Dallas), in such a way as may appear feasible and appropriate. To transact such other business and do any other things incidental to and connected with said purposes.


  1. To do whatever is deemed necessary, useful, advisable or conductive, directly or indirectly, to carry out any of the purposes of the Richardson / Plano Guide Right Foundation (Corporation) including the exercise of all other power, rights, privileges and authority conferred on and enjoyed by corporations, generally, by virtue of the provisions of the Texas General Not for Profit Corporation Act.


  1. To accept and hold all assets accepted and received under the terms and conditions hereof exclusively for charitable purposes, and unless otherwise requested by the donor and authorized by the Board of Directors, all assets shall be held as unrestricted funds, and net income there be applied for charitable purposes or the assistance of qualified individuals or charitable organizations and public charities (which supported by private donations or public taxation), contributions for which are deductible under the Internal Revenue code 1954 including, but not limited to the promotion of education, social and scientific research, the care of the sick, the aged, infirm and handicapped, the care of children, the improvement of living, working recreational and environmental conditions or facilities and such other charitable education and social purposes that will assist the betterment of the mental, moral, social, and physical conditions of the inhabitants of America, regardless of race, religion, sex, place of national origin, or political persuasion according to the discretion of the Board of Directors.


Upon receiving the State of Texas’s initial approvals in 1998 in preparation for the first ever Foundation event hosting 500 plus persons at the Richardson Plano Guide Right Foundation’s (RPGRF) first ever Black & White Ball in 1999, a new direction and independency was empowered. This exceptional Black & White Ball covered a weekend of events and receptions the second week of June 1999. A host of community dignitaries, business partners, political, press and On Air Personalities fellowshipped at one of the area’s most prestigious destination Hotels, the Intercontinental Hotel in, Addison, Texas.


As I launched the RPGRF and Chaired the initial 1999 Gala with a team of dedicated members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, all roads opened up and other avenues provided subsequent enterprising opportunities that we as a Board had to evaluate after establishing this foot print in the community. After a second and third Black & White ball, I headed into August 2002. From 2002 / 2003 I directed the focused of RPGRF to look into the empowerment of financial strengths in the African American community through Kappa Alpha Psi and the eight (8) other African American Sororities and Fraternities Nationally.


The initial focus groups for penning a successful financial institutional was tested in the Southwest Provincial (SWP) meeting in March 2003 in Arlington, Texas. In general, the test was at the SWP Board meeting of about 450 to 600 in attendance that weekend to seek the Board support to engaging in purchasing a “bank.” Knowing the challenges and the unlikeliness of successfully raising the capital requirements to launch a bank, the next day I re-stated my case and stipulate to the Board in their second round of meetings that I would lead a team and we form “Kappa Alpha Psi Federal Credit Union.”  Having a financial background and working with the Bear Stearns Investment bank, gave me a great deal of latitude to forge ahead with



several subsequent meeting through February 2004 with the Texas League of Credit Unions. Seeking their guidance and blessing as one of the nationals largest and most proficient Credit Unions Trade Associations, not only based in North Dallas, but by setting various meeting to learn and get assistance from the Executives the same hour, same day, afforded me several accelerated relationships and tools to lead the team and file for our Charter in Region IV for all chartered Credit Unions in the Southwest portion of America. This Region IV office was based in Austin, Texas.


After the initial submission of two or three applications, albeit revised for various financial analysis into July of 2004; I personally had to make a trip to Region IV.  I meet with the NCUA to discuss and arbitrate our point of view. One of the most vivid discussions was to explain to the NCUA Administrator that Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity is an organizing of professional college educated men. Not to be confused with just another collegiate Fraternity that would disband post college as several (White) Fraternities have done, and he admitted Fraternity membership in his college days but that his Fraternity has no to very little presence for its members post collage.


Plowing ahead and getting a subsequent notification through the fall of 2004, Kappa Alpha Psi Federal Credit Union was Chartered November 4, 2004, as a national Federal Institution. Our rights to operate and take in deposits included Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines. Immediately into the Spring 2005, at various Kappa Provincial meetings (12 Provinces), I attended and personally informed the Fraternity and took KAPFCU Board members and Advisors to encourage and build our membership.


Throughout 2004 and into August 2010 we operated the first “VIRTUAL” NCUA charted internet based Credit Union platform that grew from zero dollars to $1M dollars in deposits, procured significant NCUA designations i.e. Low Income Designations to benefit High School and Undergraduate College students (young adults), secured CDFI Certification, CCR Certification with the Federal Government’s GSA division and applied for CDFI Grants, only to receive approval for $100,000 in proceeds from the CDFI Department of Treasury as one of dozens and millions of dollars allocated these dollars to grow Credit Unions.  Our allocation would have been awarded on August 19, 2010. The immediate effect of CDFI Grants in regards to all financial institutions increases their balance sheet assets and establishing a stronger investment program into its members and communities and would have been especially beneficial for KAPFCU and the members it served.





Maurice R. Smith

Maurice Smith is the President/CEO of Local Government Federal Credit Union. LGFCU is a financial cooperative serving the financial needs of employees, appointed officials, elected officeholders and volunteers of local governments in North Carolina.

Smith began his career in financial services as a loan officer for State Employees’ Credit Union. Smith served in several capacities including vice-president/city executive and vice-president of marketing and training. Smith joined LGFCU in 1992 as the Executive Vice-President and was promoted to President in 1999.

Smith received his Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and earned a Juris Doctorate from the NC Central University School of Law.

Smith is licensed to practice law in North Carolina, the District of Columbia and before the United States Supreme Court. Smith is also a North Carolina Certified Superior Court Mediator.

Smith achieved a NC Real Estate Brokers License, Certified Credit Union Executive Designation and attended several management and marketing schools.

Smith and his wife have two children and live in Cary, North Carolina. He is a Deacon at Wake Chapel Church in Raleigh, North Carolina, and participates in several community and civic activities.

Smith is a self-proclaimed cooperative nerd. He believes that a business model that empowers its members to engage in democratic, self-help, classless principles is superior to other business types. As a fan of credit union ideals, Smith is avid about his beliefs.

Memberships & Activities:
Member, Board of Directors, Credit Union National Association
Member, Board of Directors, National Cooperative Bank
Member, Board of Directors, NCLM Local Leadership Foundation
Member, Administrative Board, Filene Research Institute
Member, Board of Trustees University of NC Wilmington
Member, NC State Bar, Tenth Judicial District
Member, US District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina
Member, United States Supreme Court Bar
Member, District of Columbia Bar
Member, NC State Bar Association
Member, American Bar Association

Melvin R. Edwards

Melvin R. Edwards is known throughout the Caribbean Region and internationally for his outstanding contributions to enabling families and communities of low and average means to access affordable finance and to gain ownership of democratically controlled financial institutions.

Mr. Edwards is a devoted credit unionist and a former President (1995-1999) and Director (1991-2009) of the Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions (CCCU). In July 2007, he was elected Chairman/President of the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) and remains the first Caribbean national to serve in this esteemed position. In 2009, his completion of 2 terms as the WOCCU Chairman was the culmination of 11 unbroken years as a WOCCU Board Director having previously served as Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.

He led WOCCU with distinction, resulting in several strategic breakthroughs, increased visibility and strengthening as the global trade association and development agency for credit unions worldwide. He has lobbied Government leaders in Europe, Australia, Africa, North, Central and South America, and the Caribbean to implement enabling policies and standards-based legislative frameworks and to improve trade facilitation so that credit unions, co-operatives and small businesses can expand and flourish. The International Consumer Protection Principles for Credit Unions were approved under his lead as WOCCU Chair.

In 2009, he earned the Certified Credit Union Development Educator (CUDE) and the International CUDE (I-CUDE) designations, and in 2010 he introduced the Caribbean Development Education (CaribDE) Program to the Caribbean region. CaribDE focuses on empowering the human capital of the sector by raising the bar of knowledge, skills and passion required for tomorrow’s leaders to address developmental and managerial issues with competence. After six years of existence, 24 programs have been held across seven Caribbean countries and 763 persons from 21 countries (including Canada, the USA, Haiti and Kenya) have been certified as Caribbean Development Educators. Since 2013, CaribDE has been partnering with the USDE and the ACCUC in supporting the Africa DE program. In June 2017, CaribDE, in partnership with the Canadian Credit Union Association and St. Mary’s University, will be staging the first-ever Canada DE Program in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

As the Managing Director of Development Co-operators Incorporated – a Management, Finance and Competitiveness Consultancy, Edwards has successfully implemented several regional development initiatives on behalf of multilateral organizations including the World Bank, the Commonwealth Secretariat, the European Union and the Inter-American Development Bank. Mr. Edwards has held four Chief of Party positions with international development organizations managing major multi-country, private and public sector economic competitiveness initiatives that have benefited the Caribbean.

For his outstanding works in eco-systems transformation, access to finance and policy advocacy for the Caribbean, Edwards has been honored by the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF), Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions (CCCU), CUNA Caribbean Insurance Society, the Eastern Caribbean Organisation of Development Foundations (ECODEF) and the Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League.

In 2013 he received the Distinguished Services Award (DSA) from WOCCU, for his lifetime of services to financial and other co-operatives worldwide and in 2014, in recognition of his exemplary work in development education, the United States Development Education (USDE) Program presented Mr. Edwards with the 2014 Individual Achievement Award. The Melvin Edwards Excellence Award established by the St. Kitts Co-operative Credit Union, has rewarded primary school students in his homeland for excellent test performances over the past seven years and Mr. Edwards has made personal donations to support more children with their educational goals.

Melvin Edwards is a graduate of the University of the West Indies (Cave Hill), the University of Wales (Swansea) and the Coady International Institute (Nova Scotia) and has authored numerous published articles and papers, drafted State policies, harmonized legislation for Caribbean jurisdictions and produced technical manuals on MSMEs, microfinance, credit unions and business associations. Residing in St. Lucia, he is married and is a father of four.

Robert Coleman

Mr. Robert Coleman, was President/CEO of Northwest Baptist Federal Credit Union.  In 1958, Mount Zion Baptist Church, one of Seattle’s oldest African-American churches, set up a credit union to serve members of its congregation. The idea was that a church-based lender could better serve church members. At the time, many African Americans had trouble doing business with traditional banks and credit unions, due to racism or lack of credit or both.

In the nearly 50 years since then, the credit union strayed very little from its historical mission…offering a handful of products, primarily savings accounts, auto and home equity loans, to members of Mount Zion and the surrounding community in Seattle’s Central District.

On Monday, September 1st 2015, the Board of Directors and CEO of Northwest Baptist Federal Credit Union made a decision to pursue a merger opportunity with Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union (SMCU), another local not‐for-profit financial cooperative headquartered in Downtown Seattle. The decision to merge with SMCU was made in an effort to provide a significant expansion in services and facilities to our members.   Robert Coleman relocated to SMCU’s Downtown Seattle Headquarters.

SMCU was founded in 1933 to serve City of Seattle employees. Today it has grown to a $650 million institution with just under 43,000 members. SMCU’s management team is led by CEO Richard Romero.

Coleman said the merger with SMCU will benefit our members for several reasons. As a larger credit union, SMCU is able to offer Northwest Baptist members expanded locations through its branches, ATMs and cooperative network.

Robert L. Coleman, Jr., is a graduate of Prairie View A&M University, Mr. Coleman worked for 13 years as a professional engineer before becoming employed by the U. S. Government Office of Personnel Management, where he served for 35 years until retirement. Mr. Coleman contributed to the credit union movement in a number of positions including Pres/CEO at Northwest Baptist Church FCU and Interim President/CEO of Waterfront Federal Credit Union. He was instrumental in establishing the Youth Outreach Association at the Northwest Baptist FCU and served as Chair of the Youth Advisory Committee of the National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions.  He was the 2000 recipient for the Annie Vamper Helping Hands Award from the National Federation for Community Development Credit Union.

Harold Michael Holmes

Born in detroit, michigan harold michael holmes was the 3rd child of Ledora and sheperd holmes,Jr., both deceased. he attended public schools in detroit and obtained a B.s. degree in Public affairs management from michigan state university in east Lansing, michigan. after graduation harold joined the m&o marketing agency, he earned the Professional designation of Life underwriting training Council fellow. he joined PfP in 1985, his first introduction to the Credit union world.

His first assignment with PFP was working with Credit Unions in the city of Flint where he met and became a friend for life with Leroy Nesbit, Jr., who was a Board Member of DORT Federal Credit Union, founding member of the AACUC and Past Recipient of the Pete Crear Lifetime Achievement Award.
Harold became a very successful Sales Representative early in his career at PFP because of the uniqueness of the Insurance Program offered to credit union members. It provided immediate protection for their families at the point of sale and it still continues today. Providing this one-of-a-kind Insurance protection with the convenience of Payroll deduction and Direct Deposit made things much easier for the Member and Credit Union to assure payment would be there for this Valuable Protection. Since that time PFP now has become the Number One Provider of Supplemental insurance Coverage for Credit Union Members and their Families in the Credit Union Industry.
Service is a duty Harold feels all of us have a responsibility to fulfill especially to those to “Whom much has been given, much is Required.” Harold joined the AACUC family in 1998. Leroy Nesbit Jr., shared with him the vision that Sheilah Montgomery,
Shirley Jenkins and Pete Crear had about starting an organization that could help with the disparity of Executive Management job opportunities that exist for African Americans in Credit Union Industry.
Harold attended the GAC with PFP, on his breaks from his responsibilities with PFP, he began assisting the Program Director of the Internship Program

setting up and manning the booth for AACUC. Sharing materials and giveaways for
the those who may have an interest in joining the organization, he became an Ambassador for the AACUC, encouraging people to join wherever he goes.
Harold has progressed at PFP holding different positions along the way, Sales Manager, Regional Sales Manager of the Midwest, AVP of
New Business. His current position is Vice President of New Business, Ambassador to Credit Unions.
Harold has won numerous sales awards including the Guiding Light Award for PFP and the President Cabinet Award for Security Mutual. Because of his success with credit unions and his ability to create win-win-win scenarios for the member, the credit union and PFP he has become an advocate for credit union personnel and it now has been officially added to his duties and responsibilities.
Harold’s Act’s of Service List is very long. It includes:
• A past member of the AACUC Internship and Membership Committees
• Assistant Scoutmaster with the Boy Scouts of America, where he recently received the Eagle Scout Mentor Award,
• An Usher for nearly 30 years,
• A Deacon for 20 years,
• Bus Driver in the BUS Ministry at his church,
• Taking care of family business for elderly relatives, and
• Providing comfort to many when people come

Bob Harvey

Bob retired in 2011 after 20 years as the President and CEO of the Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union. Born in Boston, Bob began his banking career in Los Angeles where he held senior positions with Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank, and the Lockheed Federal Credit Union.  When Bob and his wife moved from Pasadena, California to Seattle in 1992, they were very excited about their new life.

The move to Seattle turned out to be an excellent decision. Bob was recognized as Credit Union Executive of the year by the Credit Union Executives Society in 2003 and in 2004 he was added to the Credit Union Society’s hall of fame. During his career as SMCU CEO, he also served as Chairman of the Washington Credit Union League, Chairman of the Corporate Credit Union, Wescorp, and Chairman of the African American Credit Union Coalition.

In addition to his credit union career, Bob supported his community as a Seattle Police Department Reserve Officer from1994 until his retirement from SPD in 2015. He had been a patrol officer in SPD’s Gang Unit for 14 years. Previously he had patrolled for 10 years as a LA County Reserve Deputy Sheriff. Though retired as a patrol officer, Bob remains as a Tenor Drummer in the Police Department’s Pipes and Drums Band.

Bob currently serves as a Trustee and member of the Finance Committee for the $2Billion Seattle City Employees Retirement System. He is a board member for The Breakfast Group, an organization dedicated to keeping high school African American boys on the right path through an emphasis in education and social responsibility.

Bob has earned a BA in Mathematics and a MBA in Banking. After college, Bob felt the next step was to fulfill his military service. Bob joined the Marine Corps and graduated from Officer Candidate School as a 2nd Lieutenant.  After graduation, Bob was assigned to language school for nine months to learn Vietnamese.  Before beginning his overseas tour, he was promoted to 1st Lieutenant. He returned to the United States in 1971 and began his banking career. After his three years of active duty, Bob joined a Marine Corps Reserve Unit in Los Angeles and was promoted to Captain before ending his military career in 1979.

Bob and his wife live in Seattle and have four adult children and ten grandchildren. Bob’s wife is also a retired Credit Union Executive and they love to cruise and travel both nationally and internationally. When not travelling and spending quality time with their grandkids, they enjoy bike riding, old cars, and motorcycle touring.


Lilian Priest

Lillian Priest (April 14, 1954 – September 6, 2014) was a woman of irrepressible style and exuberant spirit. Lillian Priest was true to the credit union movement. “People helping people” was her motto. She was brought into the credit union cooperative movement early in her adult life when she joined Shreveport Federal Credit Union. Lillian Priest had been a volunteer at Shreveport Federal Credit Union serving on various committees, and the last eight years of her life, she served on their Board and held the position of Secretary.

Lillian worked for the African American Credit Union Coalition (AACUC) for over 10 years and was a major contributor to the growth and professional development of the organization.  Her dedication and commitment to AACUC was unparalleled. She increased the membership during her tenure, and continued to develop and further reinforce the AACUC mission which is “to increase the strength of the global credit union movement”.

Much of her life was selflessly devoted to public service. She served in various capacities in city government, including Executive Assistant to Mayor John Hussey and as Director of the Department of Urban Development. Upon leaving city government she began her own entrepreneurial endeavor and became the co-owner and Marketing & Development Officer of JaLi`Ve Enterprises, LLC.

In November 2004, Lillian Priest was first elected to the Caddo Parish School Board, District 7; she served as President of the Board for two terms. Her board tenure is marked by her passionate advocacy for educational excellence for all children.

Lillian generously shared her time and talents with a host of community and civic organizations including: Chair of the Caddo Parish Democratic Party, Crimestoppers Shreveport, Sci-Port Discovery, Downtown Rotary Club and others.

Lillian received her BA from Northwestern State University and continued study toward a Master of Liberal Arts degree at LSU-Shreveport.